Green and Energy Efficient Modular Homes

Air SealingThere is now a rapidly growing awareness of the value inherent in green building practices amongst manufacturers, builders and home buyers. Today’s green home building process includes both environmental and resource/energy efficiency throughout every phase of home creation.

Green Modular Homes are Socially Responsible

Our carefully selected manufacturer, Preferred Building Systems, utilizes the most current technologies and systems, producing energy efficient and green Modular Home components. Every unit they create is shipped to us Energy Star compliant. Hudson Sullivan then completes the Modular Home with instructions from Preferred Building Systems’ factory to earn the highest available rating.

Energy Efficient Modular Homes, Practices and Features

Moving modular boxThe most current manufacturing technology for the Modular Home industry enable the combined efforts of manufacturer and builder to create a superior product. Modular Home components perform better, at considerably lower operating costs, than stick-built housing, because they are built indoors, free of moisture, the cause of mold and mildew.

The factory home building process also allows for maximizing the usage of all raw materials, with less scrap remaining at the completion of manufacture.

Building indoors adds strength and sturdiness to Modular Homes, since they have to withstand transportation and crane lifting.

Blue board instalationPreferred Building Systems Energy Efficient Features Include:

  • Nuwool Insulation
  • Air-Sealing of Each Module
  • High Performance Lighting Systems
  • Whole Wall Thermal Performance Systems
  • Water Conservation Systems that Combine Low Flow Water Efficiency with Energy Star Appliances

Please visit the Preferred Building Systems site, for detailed technical descriptions of all energy efficient processes

Did You Know?

We are concerned about your needs and their relationship to the environment. Our Modular Home manufacturer is dedicated to building for social responsibility and providing:

  • Efficient Building Practices
  • Energy-Efficient Systems
  • Water-Efficient Systems
  • Resource-Efficient Features
  • Indoor Air Quality Features
  • ENERGY STAR Modular Components