Modular Home Construction

What Is A Modular Home?

Modular home constructionModular homes and buildings are just like any other regular stick-built structure, except that they are created from sections-modules-built inside factories. These modules are then trucked to the building site and assembled using cranes. Note that modular homes are NOT mobile homes. Mobile homes must comply with a different building code and this strictly limits their design flexibility. Modular homes have no such design limitations.

Why Build Modular?

There Are Many Advantages to Modular Home Construction.

Modular Homes Are Built Indoors

Modular home constructionThis eliminates moisture from the construction process. Moisture can create mold and/or mildew. Moisture also causes warping and twisting of wall studs and flooring, leading to nail pops in drywall and gaps in hardwood flooring.

Modular Homes Are Stronger Than Stick-Built Homes

They have to stand up to long road trips to arrive at their destinations. Also, they must withstand the crane lifting process that places them on their foundations.

Modular Homes Must Pass More Building Code Inspections

Modular home instalationUnlike stick-built homes, Modular Homes must first pass through a series of meticulous factory inspections and later, they have to meet the rigorous standards set by the third party inspectors of each state where they have been delivered. At Hudson Sullivan, the standards of our carefully selected Modular Home manufacturer, Preferred Building Systems, go far beyond these already stringent requirements.

Modular Homes Offer Design Flexibility

There are virtually no design limitations to Modular Buildings. Factory pre-built Modules can be created in any shape or size to adapt to your lifestyle, dreams and budget. The variety of choices include: Two Story Modular Homes, Duplex Modular Homes, Small Modular Homes, Luxury Modular Homes, Contemporary Modular Homes and Multi-Family Modular Homes.

Modular Homes Are Energy Efficient

A typical Modular Home manufactured by Preferred Building Systems can be more than twice as energy efficient compared to a stick-built home. Choosing to build Modular will result in thousands of dollars saved in reduced operating costs.

Modular Homes Offer Guaranteed Delivery Dates

Because your home is built indoors, there are no construction delays due to inclement weather.

Modular Home Construction Prices Are Locked-In

The indoor factory building process eliminates cost overruns due to bad weather.

Did You Know?

The Modular Homes we have built for you take advantage of engineered flooring systems-all wood open webbed, finger jointed floor truss, without metal plate connectors. With the engineering strength of triangulation, the system uses solid lumber to its maximum strength and creates open areas for electrical and plumbing systems without having to remove structure.